Da_Strike 打 

'Da_Strike' is an application which can perform music most easily! 

First of all, let's move an application! 

Each time, new music is performed automatically. 

The rest will be completion if your sensitivity is added. 


A simple design. 


The intuitive and easy operation method. 

The complicated rhythm and melody which are produced from there.


The rest only adds your sensitivity!!! !. 


The operation method 

1  Move an application. 

2  It is Tap about Button Portion!! 

3  Let's Move Slider Portion Up and Down!! 




→ English
→ English

1 Play Screen

The rhythm, the melody, and the sound are attached to each of 12 buttons. 


There are two kinds of functions in a button. 


Once it pushes -- a start -- coming out once again -- a stop. 


When it pushes, it starts, and when it detaches, it stops. 


A sound changes [ that it is various and ] in the slider


portion under left-hand side. 

 An upper left button is a button which changes play/set screen. 

A play screen is only this.


2 Set Screen

The sound and the rhythm which are assigned to a button are set up. 

- Upper left   Button   

It is a button which changes play/set screen.  

- Lower left   Slider    

Values assigned to each button, such as a sound and a rhythm, are changed. 


- Pattern 

Assign the sound of 20 kinds of Pattern(s) to 12 playing buttons. 


- Speed  

Performance speed is changed. 

 The value(1~9) is changeable with a left-hand side slider. 


 - Auto      

It is selection of an automatic performance and manual performance. 


19 kinds of patterns can choose an automatic performance with a left-hand side slider. 


While the button is blinking, if a button is pushed again, a pattern will be performed at random. 


- 1~12     

It chooses, when changing a setup of 12 play buttons. 


- Set        

A rhythm pattern is set up. 


250 or more kinds of patterns can be set up. 


Selection can be simply done with a left-hand side slider. 


- Loop      

It is a button function. 



once it pushes -- a sound start -- coming out once again -- sound stop 


Not Loop  

If it pushes, and a sound will be started and it will detach, a sound will stop. 


- Tone1-5 

The sound assigned to each button unit is set up. 


If a pitch (pitch) is also included, 1,700 or more sound can be set up. 


-The Tone button        

Whenever it pushes, it jumps for every sound category. 


Left-hand side slider  Selection can be done in detail by sliding up and down. 


3 Contents of Setting


Bluse Pat.1-2        

Basic Pat.1-2



Country Pat.1-2




Reggae Pat.1-2

Funk Pat.1-2



Rock Pat.1-3



Basic   8th 1-19

16th 1-19

4or2 1-17

Shuffle     1-9

Bluse       1-8,1-4

Country     1-7

New Orleans 1-3

RocknRoll   1-9

Africa      1-9  

Brazil      1-9

Latin&Afro  1-9

Reggae      1-7

Disco       1-8

Funk        1-18

Fusion      1-4

Funk Oth.   1-9

R&B         1-9

Bossanova   1-7

Dixie       1-4

Jazz Fus.   1-9

Jungle      1-4

Modern      1-9

Swing       1-9

 Placing     1-4

Polyrhythm  1-4

Rock 16th   1-9

8th    1-19

Metal  1-9

Oth.   1-8

Tri.   1-9




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Drum Set HipHop,JazzKit,


R&B,R Cymbal,Rock,Synth                                   

Taiko,Techno Kit



A Piano,Clav,Honky Tonk,

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